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Subplot Publishing Feature—Sainted in Error

Subplot (noun): a side story that runs parallel to the main plot. How did the relationship with Sainted in Error begin? In September of 2020, I received the submission for Sainted in Error. As mentioned in a previous blog post, Subplot was still in development at that point in time, but I was already looking [...]

Guest Post from Glenda Winders on Developing Characters

When I was still teaching college-level writing classes, I never allowed my students to use words such as “beautiful,” “wonderful” or “interesting” that would otherwise have filled their essays. These adjectives are overused, but they are virtually meaningless. A landscape can only be called “beautiful” if people observe it together. A reader wouldn’t know whether […]

Subplot Publishing Feature: A Tangled Affair

Welcome to the first Subplot blog post! My name is Jess and I am an Acquisitions Director at Amplify Publishing Group. I started Subplot, a new imprint launched in 2021 dedicated to compelling and literary works of fiction, and we’re excited to announce that our first few titles are releasing in early 2022. Subplot (noun): […]

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