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For first-time authors, the world of publishing can be an overwhelming abyss of unknowns, especially when it comes marketing yourself and your new release.  It takes a lot more than good content to make a book succeed. Mascot Books’ CEO, Naren Aryal, along with professional writer, Tim Vandehey, have compiled their own best practices when it […]

Why Some Traditionally Published Authors Should Consider Going Indie

Let’s face it: most new authors will never get a fair shake—no matter how brilliant their work—from the publishing establishment (i.e. literary agents, large publishing houses, and national bookstores). For less established authors, indie publishing, hybrid publishing, or whatever you want to call it, is the only way. And that’s not a bad thing. But […]

Don’t see your story on the shelf? Write it.

Last fall we had the privilege of publishing an adorable children’s book that was long overdue for today’s market.  Read on to learn author Sara Crutcher‘s story and how she managed to have such a successful first book! *** Heart Picked: Elizabeth’s Adoption Tale is my first book and was published by Mascot Books in November, 2015. […]

Book Publishing: It all starts with the writing…

Each month we have our production team share their tips and insight on a new topic to help you along your path to publishing.  This month they’re tackling a tough one – how can you strengthen your writing? Well, first and foremost… READ! READ! READ! and WRITE! WRITE! WRITE! Professional athletes study game tape and […]

Publishing a Novel: Marketing is a Full Time Job

I often tell authors that book marketing is a full-time job. At least it can be. And that’s true whether you’re published traditionally by a large New York house, you self-publish entirely on your own, or you work with Mascot. 99.99% of authors aren’t able to devote their full-time efforts to marketing their book. That’s […]

Reetu Dua, Self Published, Barnes and Noble, Ari Loves the Holidays

How to Score a Successful Book Signing Event at a National Chain

Your book has just been published (or is about to be) and you’re mapping out a killer marketing strategy. You may have heard that only bestselling authors have the opportunity to schedule a book signing at national chains. I’m here to tell you that’s not true and to offer tips on how it may be […]

The Book Production Process at Mascot Books

For my first blog post, and as senior project manager here at Mascot Books, I thought going over the book publishing production process in a general sense would be a good place to start. Each month following this post, I will delve more in depth into each stage of book production. I will also cover […]

Time-Sensitive Content: High Risk, High Reward

If you’ve been to a bookstore recently, you may have noticed a slew of election-related books. Authors and publishers are betting that the presidential election, and the discussion around it, will mean increased demand for political books. These “instant books” (content driven by current events) have been a staple in the publishing world since the […]

Be Mindful of Word Count

Yes, there are guidelines to follow when it comes to the number of words in your children’s story. Remember, these are not hard and fast rules, but rather guidelines that I encourage authors to at least consider. Here’s more information about various children’s book formats. Board Books: These are for babies and toddlers. Generally, the […]

Manuscript Format

So you have a good idea for a children’s book. Now what? I’m often asked what form the manuscript should take. In the world of children’s books, manuscript style can vary as much as the subject matter of each book. Here’s some practical advice from someone that’s reviewed countless manuscripts over the years. First, you […]

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