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Rachel B. Simon

Executive, AT&T

Rachel B. Simon is an executive at AT&T, one of the world’s largest companies and most recognizable brands. She began her remarkable career as a college hire from the University of Texas and has served in key roles in privacy, finance, and customer care for almost three decades. As a popular speaker, she brings to life the importance of meaningful relationships and the power of internal networking for increased job and personal satisfaction. A consistent theme of her career has been mentoring, employee engagement, and diversity and inclusion and she has helped countless others expand their limiting beliefs around fulfillment, balance, and success in the workplace. She lives in Dallas with her husband, Jason, and is the proud mom to her two children, Abigail and Ethan.

Publication Date:September 12, 2023

Relationships at Work

How to Authentically Network within Your Company

In Relationships at Work, executive Rachel B. Simon shares her proven approach to demystify the art of networking. As a frequent speaker and panelist, Rachel offers her unique perspective with simple, yet often overlooked, tips to organically build relationships across departments and chains of command. Packed with over 200 examples, she outlines practical, tactical guidance for planting and nurturing the seeds of a reciprocal network, and enjoying the blossoms of success.

This book is for everyone who seeks broader and deeper relationships with their colleagues. It’s designed with a comprehensive list of strategies to form human connections and create a meaningful impact in the workplace. Readers will hold the power to improve the way they collaborate with coworkers, accomplish goals, and quite possibly change the trajectory of their careers.

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