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Marcy Axelrod

Award-winning author, TV contributor, and two-time TEDx speaker Marcy Axelrod has spent the past twenty-five years uncovering nature’s model of how humans are designed to thrive. Since 1999, her insights have helped individuals, teams, and some of the world’s largest companies succeed.

Marcy started her career at Lehman Brothers on Wall Street before becoming a leader at KPMG Consulting’s high-tech strategy practice in Silicon Valley. In partnership with top technology companies across the globe, she tested and refined a mindset and model for how each of us relate to our Selves, Situations, and Society—in other words, how we Show Up.

Marcy’s work combines neuroscience, psychology, behavioral economics, and biology with top consulting strategies and twenty years of her own research. Her work has received praise from professors at Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and Cornell. Grounded and practical, the model of how we Show Up is essential insight for anyone seeking meaning, efficacy, and happiness.

Marcy is the executive director of the Show Up Institute, a social enterprise dedicated to creating a more grounded, ready, Alltelligent culture. The institute delivers corporate and social impact projects, training, education, and ongoing research toward creating the society we all want.

When not reading, writing, or speaking, Marcy creates large pieces of abstract expressionist art. She lives in Westchester, New York, with her two daughters.

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