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Gary Hawkins

Retail Industry Expert, Author, and Lecturer

Gary Hawkins has been described as a visionary and retail industry treasure, whose deep knowledge of the industry combines with operational experience and technology savvy to provide a perspective that is completely unique.

His Odyssean journey across retail began three decades ago, driven by a vision to use data and technology to transform retail, returning the massive industry to its customer birthright. That inspiration in turn gave rise to successive waves of innovation that continue today. Along the way he’s decimated countless industry practices on a relentless march into the future. That work has taken him to five different continents, helping premier retailers and CPG brand manufacturers discover and understand new technologies while helping the creators of new capabilities understand the massive and dynamic consumer goods retail industry.

Today, drawing from his experiences and learning, Hawkins and his team have created a powerful blueprint to help the retail industry thrive in an exponential world. Retailers have a unique opportunity to set aside outdated beliefs and use accelerating innovation and never-before-possible capabilities to create a powerful vision for retail’s future.

Hawkins leverages his expansive industry view, and early insight into disruptive technology, as a sought-after keynote speaker at conferences in the U.S. and around the world. Hawkins is the author of Building the Customer Specific Retail EnterpriseCustomer IntelligenceRetail in the Age of I, and Bionic Retail, along with myriad articles and white papers. Hawkins lives in Colorado with his wife Heather, and Remington, their Bernese Mountain dog.


Bionic Retail

How to Thrive in an Exponential World

A new retail species is emerging from the chaos of innovation, a fusion of technological and human capability, making retail better… faster… stronger. Bionic Retail.

But as retail evolves into the future, there is a problem: The pace of change outside organizations is growing faster than within… creating a growing gap. A gap between how we believe the world is and how it actually is. A gap between the processes, practices, and culture that has made retail successful in the past, and what’s required in the time ahead. And a growing gap between shopper expectations and the traditional store.

As we pass the inflection point on the exponential growth curve of technology, retailers can harness accelerating innovation to create the future of retail… or choose to remain on the path to retail purgatory. But an inspired vision alone is potential. There are decisions to be made and work to be done to create the flywheel to the future.

Shedding constraining beliefs and practices must be combined with an ongoing view into new and future technology developments. And those synthesized into an evolving vision for retail’s future.

So you have a decision to make: Will you purposefully decide to change paths to the bionic future, or remain on the path to retail purgatory?

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