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Cynthia Bentzen-Mercer

Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach

Cynthia Bentzen-Mercer, cofounder of Zeal of the Heel and founder of Bentzen Performance Partners, is a business executive, human capital strategist, author, and executive coach. Working from the time she was 14, her leadership journey began early. A working mom and breadwinner serving in predominantly male-led industries, throughout most of her 30-year career she was the youngest and only female on the executive team. 

Navigating a progressive career as a chief executive in gaming, hospitality, and health-care, while raising two children and pursuing advanced degrees, Cynthia has experienced the joys and challenges of trying to “have it all.” With deep appreciation for those who shined a light for her, and as a social psychologist with a passion to unleash human potential, she feels a personal responsibility to help women claim their agency and amplify their possibilities.

Publication Date:March 19, 2024

Now, Near, Next

A Practical Guide for Mid-Career Women to Move from Professional Serendipity to Intentional Advancement

For myriad women, the middle part of their careers can become a never-ending loop. They begin the journey, ready to dive in. They work hard, funnel all of their energy into the job, and don’t let go. They hop from role to role, but eventually, as the decades progress, they realize that the ride has really been an endless circle. It’s time to change that.

In this propulsive, activating debut, Now, Near, Next promotes self-advocacy and independence, moving away from the well-worn, outdated societal norms and expectations for women that hold them back. Taking control of the future is no longer just a priority—it is essential to becoming who we are meant to be.

Whether you carry a purse, briefcase, or anything in between, make sure a copy of Now, Near, Next is tucked inside at all times!

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