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Chris Ullman

Former Director of Global Communications, The Carlyle Group

Christopher Ullman is the former director of communications at Carlyle, a global investment firm, and the founder and president of Ullman Communications, a strategic advisory firm. He has also led communications at the White House Budget Office, the US Securities and Exchange Commission, and the US House Budget Committee. Chris is a four-time national and international whistling grand champion, a member of the International Whistling Hall of Fame, and the author of Find Your Whistle: Simple Gifts Touch Hearts and Change Lives. He earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Binghamton University. Chris and his wife, Kris, have three children and live in Alexandria, Virginia.

Publication Date:October 10, 2023

Four Billionaires and a Parking Attendant

Success Strategies of the Wealthy, Powerful, and Just Plain Wise

“This is a blueprint for building a career and a life.”
—Arthur C. Brooks, Harvard professor and #1 New York Times bestselling author

“If you want examples of how to work and live with purpose, read this book.” 
—Paul Ryan, former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

There are fewer than 1,000 billionaires in the United States. Chances are that you’ve never met one and probably never will. 

For more than three decades at the White House, in Congress, and as communications director of the elite investment firm Carlyle, Chris Ullman had the privilege of working hand-in-glove with four billionaires and more than a dozen of the most successful people in the world. 

By observing them closely, along with one parking attendant whose richness of spirit is priceless, Chris learned more than they’d be willing to tell about living your best possible life—and why their wisdom extends far beyond their bank accounts. 

With more than forty unforgettable stories and eight actionable strategies for success, Four Billionaires and a Parking Attendant takes you inside the minds of the über-rich and powerful to provide a blueprint for creating a life of wealth, health, and happiness.

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