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Chris Atley

CEO, Award-Winning Coach, and Speaker

Chrissy Jaye Atley is the CEO and founder of Decisions-by Design and an award winning success coach and international speaker who has made it her life’s mission to figure out the limitless potential we all have access to. As an NLP master coach, Chris has helped thousands of female entrepreneurs tap into their own inner resources to create the businesses and lives they have always imagined. She believes self-care is the key to connecting the dots between the subconscious mind and manifesting.

Chris speaks on stages around the world and has been featured by TEDx, the Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg Radio, to name a few. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Wilfrid Laurier University and has attained many coaching certifications specializing in belief-breakthrough modalities. Canadian born, Chris now resides in a small beach town in San Diego, California, with her husband, two children, and dogs Gracie and Gordie.

Publication Date:June 13, 2023

Abundant Soul-utions

A Mompreneur’s Guide to Manifesting Success through Self-Care

For overachieving female mompreneurs, our days can be filled with many highs and lows. A mompreneur is a woman juggling motherhood and running a business, which can be both rewarding and overwhelming. From one overachieving mompreneur to another, I’m here to tell you: you deserve more, this has to change, and there is a better way! The better way will lead you to a place where results can flow, where you’re there for your kids, and where you live the life you’ve imagined—all through the pathway of self-care! When we finally give ourselves permission to take care of our own selves first, it has a profound ripple effect on our families, friends, and finances. Abundant Soul-utions shows female entrepreneurs they can manifest it all—it just involves redefining what having it “all” means, having a shift in perspective on how to get there, and remembering and trusting who they are at their deepest core.

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