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Deb Smolensk

“Every edit, every design, and every suggestion from the production team made my words come to life and created something beyond my wildest imagination. And, the marketing team are geniuses at what they do, too. From building my website and newsletters, to promotions and running a launch-day campaign—plus even helping me figure out a launch party plan—they were instrumental in getting my book successfully into the world.”

Deb Smolensky,
Human and Organizational Performance and Well-Being Expert

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David Newman

“Holy smokes! The team at Amplify did an amazing job. I couldn’t be happier—not only with the way that the book turned out but also with the process of bringing it to life. The entire experience was top-notch from start to finish.”

David Newman, CSP,
professional services sales expert

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Frankie Russo

“Amplify brings a level of industry knowledge and expertise to the book production process that is indispensable.”

Frankie Russo,
technology and media executive

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Kelli Thompson

“Amplify made publishing easy for an author who loves to be creative with her work—I’d publish with them over and over again!”

Kelli Thompson, 
women’s leadership coach and speaker

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Merril Hoge

“The team at APG made publishing the easiest thing I have ever done. I have two more books in the future, and I will sprint to APG for both. They were incredible.”

Merril Hoge,
ESPN Analyst and former NFL player

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Paul Epstein

“APG has an all-star team of full-suite publishing talent that can propel your thought leadership to the next level. My raw concept transformed into a bestselling playbook which transformed into a thriving speaking career. My journey is a testament to what’s possible when partnering with APG, and the same is possible for you.”

Paul Epstein,
award-winning speaker and two-time APG author

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